Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Tribe.

This will be the first and last time we fill the car up with more children than adults.. Enjoy it granny! It will not becoming a common occurance! hahaha

The 5 boys have been playing really well, we've only had 1 major blue and that was between brothers. A few age issues, but they all re-unite to play again.

GOD They EAT alot!! They are constantly playing so they need alot of feul to top them up.. I had to make piklets this morning as i was running out of other food items that would fill their tums up!

Took them all of 5 minutes to down a double batch of piklets and a cup each of milo.. Mum and Dad (to the 3 boys) are on their way back to pick them up. Although their youngest told me this morning that he was staying another 2 nights and wanted the Ben10 bed to sleep in tonight. I informed him he was going home today. His respone 'Oh' and walked off.. lol I think he is enjoying the trampoline a little too much!

anywho off the check the tribe and get some thinks done before i work tomorrow. Hope you've all had a good weekend. I'll be in bed early tonight ;-)

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  1. So ...Why have a big car if you dont intend on filling it with gorgeous Grandchildren !! For Me ???? Well ??!! you lot xo
    Must say and Ben could EASILY manage 5..I mean 3,or 4...