Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bits and Pieces

This week has been a good week so far, besides lack of sleep at night from MR blue eyes. But i think that is due to his bottom molars finally pushing the whole way through and raining weather stopping their outside play!

Today is cloudy no rain yet but it looks like it could any moment. Not my ideal spring weather.. Tonight i am working (late night shopping) and after being up early to take Ben to work i think I'm going to need a coffee or two to get me to 9pm tonight!

I have finally put some photo's up first i have our potato patch.. I have no idea what i would do with out potatoes. We love them! They are always the fail safe option dinner if the boys aren't eating properly!

Hopefully we get a good amount of this lot!

This is Mr blue eyes in a disposable kids chef apron and hat!! Bit blurry from being taken off my phone but you can still see him! In the shopping centre i work at they have a special machine with all shops listed and they offer special deals for your shopping needs and sometimes freebies. Centre management also throws in some special freebies. The above chef apron and hat being one of them. Seeing as the boys love master chef this was a brilliant win for them!

This weekend we have a family get together with my mums side of the family. At my parents house. All Aunties, uncles, cousins and their partners and kids (well most of them) are travelling up for the night to catch up and have a few drinkie poos!! We use to do it at Christmas but past years everyone has to work over the holidays and not many were turning up. So a mid year get together has been planned instead. Should be a good night! Hope your all having a great week :-)

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