Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Little Helper.

Today I had my first day of working at the shoe shop.. I actually can't remember if I mentioned that i got the job in my previous post or not?! But i got it!! And today i had my induction as well as a couple extra hours out on the floor. I really enjoyed it, alot of new information to store in my brain.

I'm a little tired tonight, Blue eyes is now sick.. Horrible cough and a very snotty nose, He is now our snot monster! Ben left work early today so he could take him to the Dr to make sure his cough wasn't an infection. Its not, not yet... The Dr sent them home with a prescription just in case it gets worse. Poor boy nothing worse than not being able to breath properly at night and all you want to do is sleep :(

On the CUTE front this week, my cowboy wants to help me do some cleaning! He keeps asking for things to do! So very cute! So his job after dinner is to wash up his and his brothers plates and cutlery (all plastic of course!). He of course thinks it's the best thing. And if i plan it right and use alot of plastic items he does the WHOLE washing up!! I must say our lil cowboy does a pretty decent job as well!

Working hard!

What a cutie pie!!

I now have plans to replace everything glass or ceramic to plastic, so he can wash all the time! hehe

I'm off to work again tomorrow and friday. We have another big Saturday planned, so will update you on sunday of our current events! lol :-)


  1. Congrats on the job! So what do you do at the shoe shop?
    Hope Blue Eyes gets to feeling better soon. Nothing like having a snotty nosed, congested coughing youngster. Ugh! Tough on both hiim and you!
    What a gentleman Cowboy is. If he keeps it up, imagine how thrilled his future girlfiend/wife will be!

  2. Im so happy you like the job :0)
    Give Mr Blue Eyes big granny kisses and hugs xxoo
    I hope he feels better soon.
    Little Cowboy is a big help..such a good big boy xxoo

  3. Besides selling shoes, I will be packing them away on shelves, pretty much everything my boss does, as she feels everyone should be able to do everything and share jobs around for a better work environemnt. It's been very enjoyable!

    BLue eyes is slowly getting better, his horrible barking cough has gone. Just need to get rid of his snot monster nose! lol

    Cowboy did more washing up for me this afternoon, while i had a late lunch after work! He is definetly going to make a great husband!