Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Movies, Beach, FUN!!

Our Weekend was Fantastic, We went and stayed with our good friends at Noosa. So that we could not only go the beach in the beautiful winter sun and play and fish, but a certain movie came out this week that some certain boys wanted to see!

Toy story 3!!!

Together our friends and ourselves have 5 boys! Both our youngest are the same age, so they were to stay with the dad's whilst us mummy's went and enjoyed the cinema without 2 year olds mucking about. But our friends middle (same age as cowboy) had been a little naughty the past week and was not aloud to go, so their youngest joined us and was really well behaved. The 3 that we did take were great. This was cowboy's first cinema experience, and he loved it! The movie was great aswell.

After the movie and some lunch we went for a hike to a special fishing spot the big boys have been wanting to try. And it was definetly a hike to get to it. The lil boys played on the beach whilst the big boys scaled the cliff face to get some good fishing done. It was such a beautiful winter day sun out hardly any wind perfect for a beach play.

The View looking down to Sunshine Beach

The cliff was very high and the water very deep!


We spent the whole afternoon at the beach playing and hiking the cliff. The boys got a little cold/ tired / bored waiting for their daddy's to pack up.

So it was time to snuggle all together!

I have a couple of busy days ahead of me, organising to go up to Ben's dad's place on the weekend for a visit. And its Granny's birthday on saturday so she is coming over for dinner at our house on friday night, and Cowboy wants to bake her a cake aswell, so tomorrow we will be having some fun in the kitchen!

Hope your all having a great week! :-)

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  1. Great pic of the kids together. They look like they were having so much fun.
    I'm catching up with your posts. I'be missed a few!