Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's Granny's Birthday today, seeing as we are going away this weekend, we had both Granny and Pa over for dinner last night. And the boys and I made Granny a special birthday cake!

Cowboy wanted to make a barbie cake, but I'm not that clever, so this was the result with some help from store bought decorations!

The boys of course had to help Granny blow out the candle!

Hope you have a great Birthday Granny! xxoo

And I hope everyone else has a good weekend aswell. We are off the Baffle Creek!

Talk to you all sooon :-)


  1. And what a fantastic night it as !!
    Lovely dinner AND cake ...Yummo :0)
    And of course the best company xx
    Thankyou my wonderful family.
    I love you all more than you will ever know xxxxooooo

  2. Happy Birthday to your Granny. The cake looks wonderful. Good job! And the best part, it was made with love.