Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grass Heads and Playing.

The boys Grass heads they made at Granny's 2 weeks ago, are doing fantastic. Just about time for them to have a hair cut!

The other day, I had a little play around with my nails. I practiced with my acrylic on a fake hand i have, to see how i would go mixing and letting it cure. I did better than i thought. So that is a major plus! I then decided to paint my own nails, I got in my kit a pale pink polish that i thought i would use in a french tip way. I really like the result, and again did better than i thought with only needing to put a small amount on.

The results of painting my nails.

Below is a photo of cowboy, playing on our laptop... He turns 4 in August and already wants to use the laptop and play games on it, like daddy does!

He does really well, his hand eye co-ordination is amazing and his memory for where we select the games in the program list, blows my mind. I let him go by himself for 5 minutes and he had all 4 games out he is allowed to play and shrunk the boxes and put them all in a corner on the screen so he could see all of them at the same time..

Can't imagine the types of new technology our next generation is going to discover/invent if this is what a nearly 4 year old can do!

We are having a fairly quiet weekend, I will try take some good photo's on my phone of how our veg gardens are doing for my next post!

Hope your weekend has started as well as ours! :-)


  1. The grass heads look great! Ill be giving mine a second hair cut this week,lol.
    You did a wonderful job on your nails !! Very clever :0)
    If I ever get a laptop Ill have to get my little cowboy to show me how to use it xx
    Great photo.

  2. Hi Cass, I love your grasshead image! I tried to make these for a website called - mine have not worked (yet)and I need a good image to go with my activity page and video - would you be kind enough to allow me to use your grasshead image on the kidspot activity page?
    I'd be forever grateful- signed 'failed grasshead lady' Penny (video content, Kidspot)