Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The last couple of days have not only been pretty yukky weather wise, but I and the boys have been a little glum. Mine is my own fault for not going to bed early... But the boys I've had trouble working out. Today I checked blue eyes teeth, he has his 2 bottom second molars coming in. That's his problem sorted and understood. But cowboy I have no idea what's going on. Whinge, arguing, tantrum throwing, naughty. Sounds like a normal 4 year old!! He has been really good lately though. But come to think of it, he started this funny business when he started playing games on the laptop.. Too much visual stimulation i think. Great that is going to be fun to try and cut down. Anyone want to step in for me, I've had enough arguing for one day!

So we have been indoors the last couple of days and i guess cabin fever isn't helping our situation. Not much is getting done besides the arguments.. I took the boys to the shops this morning. All they wanted was a treat and to get home, great. They spent the whole hour yes just an hour, complaining that they wanted to go home! Not the fun outing i thought it was going to be. But i confined them to a trolley (love those things) and ignored them and persisted. Whilst getting my eyebrows done the lovely lady gave them a balloon each to keep them occupied, quietest 5 minutes i had all morning!

Now onto something better! Saturday nights dinner!

Ben got some Red Claw (fresh water yabbies/crayfish)what ever you want to call them) from a work mate. Ben marinated them and cooked them up 2 different ways. I'm not into seafood, don't mind prawns but can't eat too many. So i was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked these. I made hash browns to go with. I tell you they were almost as good as the macca's hash browns. They were beautiful, and a huge hit the boys!

Marinated Red Claw at the top and in the middle, yummy hash browns on the bottom of the plate!

I'm only working Friday this week, maybe Thursday if it gets busy. So i have some extra time to do some things around the house, if the weather fines up MOTHER NATURE!! lol

This Saturday we are going to Australia Zoo with Ben's work social club. We all can't wait. We've wanted to go for so so long and its only an hour away from us. But price's to get in etc are expensive, but through the work social club so so much cheaper so it was a must!! So we will have a lot of happy snaps to show (if we have some camera batteries that is!! Still waiting for them to turn up in the mail)

Anyway I should go do something productive!

Here is the recipe for the hash browns.
5 medium potatoes, peeled and grated
1 egg
1 tablespoon of plain flour
salt and pepper
oil to fry in

Combine all ingredients.
use tablespoon amounts into pour into oil
fry each side until crisp and golden
drain on paper towel.

And the recipe for the muesli bars from the other day :-)

1 cup oats
1 cup sultana's (optional, i used half a cup of chocolate melts)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup coconut
125g butter
2 tablespoons honey.

Mix dry ingredients together
Melt honey and butter in a pan on stove.
Mix melted ingredients in with dry.
pour into slice/lamington tray
cook in an 180c oven for 10-15minutes
cut into squares or bars when warm.


  1. Maybe a full moon is coming in as to why the boys are being a handful?! I have to admit I am glad those days are long gone for me. Very stressful and tiring! One day you'll look back, grin, and take a deep breath. :)
    Thanks for the recipes. I adore hash browns. Heck I'd eat them everyday. And the bars, yum!! Can you guess what I will be making this weekend!! :)

  2. Actually we did just have a full moon on sunday i think! Thats when it started lol! You are right, I'm glad certain stages are over but do miss them and will enjoy looking back on them when they are older.
    I hope your cooking goes well! You will LOVE the hash browns. They work best if they are shallow almost deep fried.. Not good for the figure but at this stage of the game i just want food they boys will eat and is easy for me to cook. I'll make up for it sometime later!!

  3. oohh, I'm going to do both of these today :) The muesli bars will be chocolate here too (Caitlin wont eat dried fruit, the dag), and hashbrowns will go nicely with our fish balls, nam nam!

    Hope the boys settle for you soon, we have teeth happening here with Sam, and Emily is hitting a growth spurt/wanting to crawl, so she is a bit unsettled too :( It passes though. Just look at Caitlin rofl....oxox