Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Find of the Week.

I've decided to start a "Find of the Week" post. As we have found some pretty decent things lately! Could be anything from a new recipe, something from the shops or craft activity, so pretty much anything!

Today I have 3!!

Mine first, I found some spare re-chargeable batteries for the camera, hence the good photo's below! They were in one of Cowboys toys!! So I've charged them up and testing them out for the day, hopefully they last!

Now onto Ben's finds from when we went shopping the other day.

We love Spaghetti bolognaise, its something i know the boys will eat. And i can hide veggies in it. On the weekend i put homegrown eggplant in it. They didn't even bat and eyelid and ate pretty much their whole bowl full! So anyway to make it cheaper is great for us. I usually make it from scratch, tin tomatoes, herbs extra sauce etc, instead of buying the $2 something jars of pasta sauce.

But Ben found this at our local Aldi.

It is a little bit more than a plain tin of tomatoes in cost but much cheaper than the jar of pasta sauce and i don't have to add as much into it with herbs etc, so makes it cheaper all round! beauty!

Now the next item, i wasn't sure about when Ben purchased it. I didn't think it was going to fit our toaster.

A nice no fuss snack or sometimes easy dinner are toasted sandwiches. This little baby makes it so much easier, make the sandwich put it in the pocket then put it in the toaster. Cooked just as good as in a pan or sandwich toaster. The pockets are re-usable up to 50 times! Love it!

Have you had any good finds this week?


  1. What a great idea with those toastie packets. I have never seen anything like that! Saves on electricity, the mess, time! Love it! And it saves time!
    I agree about the cost between the already made sauce compared to the one you can make at home. I quit buying spaghetti sauce a long time ago. Like you it is a can or two of tomato sauce, add herbs, fresh garlic, mushrooms and voila', cheap sauce that tastes better than store bought.
    Love your idea of Find of the Week! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Love the pockets !! Were they from Aldi too ??

  3. Yes pockets are from Aldi aswell! Great find i think! Don't know why I haven't thought of "Find of the Week" before, Love the idea!