Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Dream.

Our Dream....

Is to one day have a view like this from our back deck.

This is Ben's dad and step-mum's property. 40 acres of bliss!

When we were looking to purchase a house 2 years ago, we really wanted a house on acres. But at that time it was way too expensive for us. So we purchased our current house in town, with a decent sized back yard for the dog and boys to play in. But we still have that huge desire to own a much bigger back yard! It will happen, we just need to get our bums into gear, do what we can afford to, to this house - finish off projects!!!! Pay some debts off!! Then see what is possible!

In addition to one day owning our acres further in the future is to be as self sufficient as possible. It will too one day happen with good planing!

We had an excellent time up at Ben's dad's, a bit of fishing and lots of play time!

There are 2 creeks in the area Baffle creek and Deep water creek, I'm pretty sure this is Deep water creek!

The boys having a blast in the dirt! lol

Another week has flown past! We are now planning to stay home as much as possible over the next few months, save some mula and finish some jobs/projects! The boys are off to Granny and Pa's for a sleep over tonight, they are very excited, it's only just gone past lunch and cowboy keeps asking if its time to go yet!! They will have a blast.. Not to mention we will too. We are having a movie night with some friends, it will be great to sit and not be interrupted during a movie and it be an adult movie!! Hope you've all had a great week and weekend! I posted a video of cowboy pretending to be a Kookaburra, we had at least 5 in the back trees this morning having a great sing - a - long, if only there wasn't other house and street noise's around as well, would have been P E R F E C T!!

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