Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week, we recieved another letter in the mail from our electricity provider. Letting us know that the rates will be going up again.

If we had the money we would go out straight away and buy some solar panels, but we don't :(

Our next house will have solar! I can't wait for that!

But for now, I am researching other electricity companies and their rates to see if we can get a better deal with some one else.

If anyone has any helpful tips or knowledge on cheaper companies please post me a comment! :)

We had a wonderful weekend, the boys had a blast staying at Granny and Pa's and we enjoyed being able to watch some scary movies! lol

Hope you all had a good weekend aswell :)


  1. Why does everything have to rise in cost this time of year. Our electricity, council rates and water rates have all increased. We have 16,000 litres of rain water in storage, but not hooked up to plumbing. So I have decided to cart the water (like my grandmother and mother would have) and use it for the washing (twin tub)and doing the dishes. It should save some money and give me some much needed exercise. I picture my grandmother while lugging these galvanised buckets of water to the laundry. We can't do anything about the council rates other than ring up and complain as to why? Electricity, well we are lucky enough to have solar panels and they really do save on the bill. Our quarterly is about $150 sometimes cheaper, have had a bill as low as $78. Still need to remember to turn things off.

    Sounds like the boys did have a ball at Granny's and I would reckon that Granny and Pa also had a lot of fun!


  2. Love the Idea of you using your stored water, but sorry, I had a little giggle picturing you carting it to your house! (But your right about how our grandma's would have done it the same way!) I did hear on the grapevine our local council is raising our rates aswell. Can understand how they can justify it sometimes. I know they need to be able to make a profit, but what about the customers who only have just enough money to pay the bills.

    The boys have been asking if and when they can go back to Granny's!!