Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun in the Winter sun!

Yesterday we went for a fish and a play in the winter weather, before dropping in for a visit with our sil and family. It was a beautiful sunny day with a very chilling wind!! The boys had a great time, their noses are still a lil snotty from the wind, but haven't gotten any worse so that is always a good thing!

Our location for the morning.

Looking up towards the park that is at Norman Point, Tin Can Bay.

A baby Hammer Head shark Ben caught on his new rod.

The scenery including Ben!

The scenery.

This lady must have been a southerner, because there was NO WAY i was getting in that water for a swim! The wind must have been FREEZING when she got out!!! She also strolled down whilst Ben was un-hooking his shark... Would you go swimming when he just released it back into the bay???? Hmmmm missing a toe anyone?? lol

My new fishing rod!! When Ben and the boys picked me up from work on Friday night, this was sitting on the passenger seat! Cowboy told me the other day he wanted to buy me a purple rod. Ben couldn't get a purple one so got me a Red one, I don't really mind about the colour. As long as it works the way i want is fine by me. And it did, it's soooo much easier to cast with! love it!! ( work is going great by the way, loving it as well!!)

Blue eyes being tempted by the water!

Cowboy cutting up some bait for daddy!

After a couple of hours fishing, it was lunch time. So we went up to the park to cook some lunch. As soon as we sat down a butcher bird sat down on the rail with us, chirping for some food.. SO Ben fed it, then it went and told all its mates. We then had about a dozen flying around the place chirping for some food.. The boys thought it was great, and fed them all, all of their lunch! Luckily i practically pack a whole house when we got out, there was more food for them to fill their tummies not the birdies!

I didn't take any photo's at our sil's place, but the boys had a blast playing with their cousin's. As they always do! So did we, She had an undercover wear party. So i purchased a couple of items. Whilst Ben had a couple of beers with her partner. I also did a couple of practice manicures. What an action packed day we had!

Today is being spent at home. Catching up on the house chores as well as mixing it with lazy Sunday fun :-)

Hope your all having a great weekend!


  1. I agree,she must be from Victoria!! Cause its way too cold to be swimming!
    Im so happy you all had a great family day xo

  2. Thanks :-) We had a great time. Needs to be done way more often, with friends and family as well ;-)xo