Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feeling weary..

I had another 3 full days of working this week!! I tell you what, yesterday i was very weary!! The working was great, I really love it!! First time ever (besides my jobs at home with my boys) have I said I love my job. My boss keeps telling me, you can't just stand around and wait for people, we have lots of jobs to do. But it is definitely not as much to do as my previous paid job. IT was crazy, too much to handle in my little brain. My new job is perfect. Clean and tidy shoes out on display. Receive stock in and send stock out. Pack and unpack stock. Sell shoes!! And you get to meet lots of different customers! I have nothing playing on my mind that i didn't get done whilst working, because it's all been done!

Its the getting home late after work with excited tired little boys, whilst mummy is a little tired that's hard. When Ben is on his early shift its good, i have daddy's firm voice to control them. But when he is on night shift.... arrrgghhhhh hair pulling time for mummy! We will get use to the routine eventually! I'm working the same 3 days again this week, so the more it happens the more we all get a good routine! (fingers crossed!)

Anyway, today I'm going to take some photo's of how our garden is going, Ben dug up some potatoes the other day. He was a little eager and they were a bit small, but still yummy!! I will post the photo's up tomorrow.

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. It took me till 46 to get a job I loved ! So good on you darlin' xxoo
    A routine will settle in ,in time :0)

  2. In time you will fall into a routine. In the meantime it is so hectic.
    That is so wonderful that you really like your job. So many people can't stand theirs.
    Hang in there. The boys will come to understand what is going on and maybe they will help out in the evenings.