Sunday, June 20, 2010


The snot monster has returned, and this time has sucked me into its wrath!!! Ben is over his now, Cowboy not to bad, Blue eyes, well he is the worst! We had an excellent week aswell. We are all seeming to get into the new groove, but now we've gone down hill. Cowboy had a few "accidents"in his sleep this week, but has worked through, i slowly got some washing done around the crappy cloudy raining weather and working. Although cowboy's beloved stuffed dog "Charlie" had to make a visit to granny and pa's house for a free ride in the dryer lol.

Blue eyes has spent the last 2 nights not sleeping alot and not breathing too well either. This morning was a very early morning for us, 4.30am,I think it was that we were all woken up and couldn't go back to sleep. And it has been the coldest morning yet this winter in our house. Not cool with the snot monster about as the heater is our reverse cycle air con window unit. And if it isnt turned on early enough can't heat up properly in the cold... So no heater at present :( But lots of layers and blankets. The boys have fallen asleep on the lounge whilst watching a movie. Ben cooked me a very yummy breakfast. Now its time to get a move on, get ready and maybe go for a drive to our local dam for a looksee. As well as our washing because the suns OUT!! yay!!

Hope your having a great weekend, Keep rugged up and stay away from me so you don’t get sick!


  1. Oh no, not the snot monster!!! Go away snot monster. Go away!!!
    How cold does it get there?
    Hope all of you feel better quick, quick, quick.

  2. Thankyou :-) For us who live in a sub-tropical environment it is cold, one of my close friends lived in Canada for a few years and is now living back here with he Canadian husband. They think it's great weather! lol

    The morning i wrote the above post it got down to our 2c which would be your 35.6F. It can get down to almost -10 in some parts of our town in a real cold winter but usually sits just below or around 0 so 32F. Southern parts of Australia do get much colder than this and they get snow. I've only ever seen snow once on a school trip to down south. So it's definelty something i want to take to boys to see!