Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water Water everywhere!

Ben has a new project at the moment. Setting up to do aquaponics. Similar to hydroponic, but he has fish in a tub and that water is pumped through the plants he is growing which waters and fertilizes them. He had it all going really well, the Wong bok seeds even starting to sprout..

When i went down to hang the washing yesterday morning there was water all through the laundry.. I thought it was from the washing machine, but it doesn't use that much water. Upon investigating, i found the goldfish swimming in their tub with about half and inch of water! The boys and I saved them. Ben thinks the tube that pumps the water up to fill the plant tub flicked out and pumped water everywhere but on the plants!.

At the start of Ben setting it up.

We would have had some other photo's of it completely set up, but Ben decided to move it yesterday after fixing it, and the tubs broke :( He had to once again save the fish. Which got pelted with the rocks into the round. So today he went and purchased some stronger tubs. So i will post some photo's of the finished project, when its finished! lol

Ben is wanting to put some eating fish in there, so he's not only growing vegies but growing some meat as well! The goldfish are his trial to see how it goes and get it working.

Anyway i need to go, Blue eyes has just broken his lamp in their bedroom! Never a dull moment with these boys around! (that's including Ben!!)

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  1. Cowboy told me yesterday that you all saved daddys fishies,but he said Brucie might have put his paws in there and let the water out !! Lol.
    I hope the new set up works out ok xx