Monday, February 22, 2010

Time at home!

We had some great time at home on the weekend. Ben got heaps of jobs done, i got most of mine done, except washing! Rain :(. But when the sun was shining we tried to get outside and do some jobs. Ben got the mowing done, i pulled the pumpkin vine out, and we both discovered our eggplant plant was bearing 2 eggplants Woohoo. Poor plant has been hidden by the pumpkin vine, but now its free!! Now it's time to get our vege garden re-fueled and planted for some winter vege's!! mmm yum can't wait!!

This is our little vege garden. It needs some work. The pile at the bottom of the photo is the pumpkin vine!

Poor plant. This is our Egg Plant plant. Even though it has been neglected, it's producing! The pumpkin vine grew around it and was hard for us to get to it. The grasshoppers have enjoyed the leaves, I don't know if egg plant is fruit or vegetable, but ours are doing great!

The boys pretending to mow with their wagons. (trying to help daddy out!)

Bruce getting in on the fun!

Hope you had as good weekend as we did!


  1. Love the name Bruce. He looks like a Bruce. What a surprise to find the eggplant with fruit/vegie on it. Sounds like you were all so busy. I take it that Ben is feeling better after his hospital stay? I remember you were saying he wanted to get outside and do some yard work.

  2. We love Bruce, human personality in a dog, best kind of pet! Ben is feeling alot better, all back to normal and he is enjoying being back out in the yard!