Friday, February 19, 2010

Its all paid off

Last september for my birthday, my wonderful husband organised some glamour photo's. He originally wanted them just of me, but i wasn't quite comfortable with that and convinced him to join me. I think it was a great decision, as we still got individual photo's of us. Anyway, the sitting for the photo's doesn't cost much, its the actual photo's, photo book, and canvas we decided on that cost a bucket load! We finished paying them off at the start of January. And i got a call the other day to go pick them up. A friend of ours had some photo's to pick up at a different shop, so we drove down to the coast together. The boys stayed at my mums so we got some quiet girl time away from them lol. My friend took me to this wonderful chocolate cafe, where they put chocolate in everything! Shakes, sundae's, coffe, hot chocolate, fondue. They even have this donut looking pastry things, that you dunk in melted chocolate. We had one of them and a mango shake with melted white chocolate! We felt a little unwell after, but it was worth it! We picked up our photo's and went home. The photo's below are some of ours. There is about 8 photo's in total. The first one is the one we chose to have on canvas and it looks amazing! Well worth the waiting to pay it off! Hope you enjoy our photo's!


  1. That first photo is fantastic. Something about black and white pics that really tell a story. You made me wanting chocolate after reading about all the chocolate you ate! Yum!

  2. Thankyou! The chocolate was amazing, something that will become a tradition when going to that particular shopping centre!