Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have come to the realisation tonight that in 5 and a half weeks, our little baby turns 2! In the last few weeks he has taken a handful of big steps, finally grasping talking and not groaning, screaming and mumbling as much. And deciding he wants to toilet train himself (we are in the midst of this now) It is on his terms though, i just get to clean the mess up. He wants to wear undies so not as wide spread mess as it could be!

Just to think 2 years ago being heavily pregnant with a 2 year old, now being the mother of an almost 2 year old and an almost 4 year old, it baffles me.. We are doing a pretty damn good job! Of course they fight constantly, it is subsiding but hey they are boys, aren't boys suppose to have the worst sibling rivalry?? Simple things like this is what i need to remind myself and Ben with on the days where we are not mummy and daddy but security guards on crowd control!!

Not long after our blues eyes birthday, (I'm pretty sure I've worked it out to be the 9th of April, the week leading up to Easter last year) will be a year since his first febrile convulsion. He has not had any since his mild one last September. He has only had one bout of temperatures since then just before Christmas, so he is going strong now. I did read somewhere in the wonderful world of the web, that the time frame between them does expand as they get older, between the first and second was about 4 and half months. We are now on 5 months since the last. I think somehow i will be walking on eggshells for the next few months! We seem to have a good routine down when he starts to look and feel a little ill.

Enough of that, The other photo's i uploaded are of what our bamboo will look like. I love them! Now its time for bed!! :-)

This is our little blue eyes from our first skiing trip a couple of weeks ago.

This is what our Malay Dwarf Varigated Bamboo will look like.

This is called a Timor Black Bamboo, which i am pretty sure is what my dad gave to Ben.


  1. I have three girls ( all adults now) and my first two fought like cats and dogs). In fact, they still don't get along all that well! Love the bamboo. Hang in there with the kid raising. You and Ben can get through it without losing your hair! lol

  2. Thanks! They are getting better, the more blue eyes starts to understand a little more, the better they will behave! I know there will always be fighting! lol