Friday, February 12, 2010


This morning while Angus and i were cleaning our teeth, somebody knocked at our front door... It was the delivery man, dropping off our parcel, which happened to contain our laptop!!! YAY jump for joy!! The motherboard and a fan have been replaced!! I'm so happy!! Now i can get back to doing normal post with lots of photo's!!

We also had some other men over this morning pottering around in our ceiling, laying down insulation for us. We have taken advantage of the government grant and had it installed. The other great thing about it was, we didn't have to contribute any money, our house was small enough for the grant money to cover it!! Double YAHOO!!

This afternoon, Ben, myself our boys and my dad are going to a local bamboo nursery. My dad has recently planted bamboo in his yard (not the horrible spreading ones, they are illegal here) these are clumping varieties, they stay were you plant them!! Anyway, dad's bamboo look amazing and are a fantastic screen plant. Much cheaper along the fence line, than a fence that will cost alot more (it will be done just not right now). There are soooo many different varieties to choose from, some start from as little as $10 a plant!! And they grow pretty fast too! Now that our laptop is back i will post some photo's of the plants we buy!!

Anyway, i best go do some work while the boys are at nanny's house, i must admit though i have been sitting and playing with the laptop for nearly an hour now, i think i missed it more than i realised!! Hope your all having a wonderful day! :-)


  1. Hooray!!! You got your laptop back. Yippeee!! Looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Happy to see Ravensdale back on line :0)