Thursday, February 4, 2010


These are our second go at carrots. Still a little odd shaped and small, but still edible. I think i'm going to roast these little babies! On the computer front, we are still waiting! I got a little impatient and called them.. They are waiting on a new motherboard for it, which needs to come from overseas. And they couldn't give me a time frame.. Grrr. At least i know its getting fixed! We are planning to spend a few weekends at home for awhile now. After two weekends away camping, and water skiing on the weekend just gone. (it was fantastic. My second time, ben's first, we had a blast). It's time to catch up on our jobs, and finish some projects! :-) i can't wait.

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  1. It's not how the carrots looks, but how they taste! And I bet those carrots are going to taste yummy.