Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold Coast weekend, or should i say Grey Coast!!!!

We had a great weekend away, apart from the on again off again rain!! Not just small showers, pelting down rain! Our first day had sunshine, so we got some beach time in. Second day was playing in and around the rain. We went for a walk in the morning. Had some lunch with our friends mum, and Ben's dad turned up for a visit. Then went into the heart of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise. We went to a tourist attraction there called Infinity. It's a specially designed maze of rooms, filled with lights and mind tricking illusions. The little boys were a little frightened but said at the end they liked it... Can't let anyone know they were scared!! We got stuck in the rain trying to find our way back to the car.. We lost our bearings completely, once we found them we hot tailed it back to our villa for HOT showers and drinks!! Our third and last day was amusement park day. We were tossing up between Movie World or Wet n Wild. The morning was beautiful and sunny, it soon turned cloudy (with a tsunami warning issued) But it still looked like a nice day for Movie World. We had a great time (I've posted some photo's below) They have smaller kid rides there, so cowboy and his cousins got some good rides in. The big kids also went on some cool rides as well. The new really fast superman ride that gives you 4.2G's of speed.... and the Bat wing that shoots you up into the air.... oh so much fun!! We did get a few showers whilst wondering around, so we purchased some poncho's to keep us dry! We watched some shows, stunt drivers, looney tunes and the 3d shrek movie. Ben and our friend got stuck in the line up for the scooby-doo ride with a technical difficulty... We thought they may have been stuck on the actual ride somewhere, but they were next in line to go and after about 50 minutes they got to have their go! I think we jammed as much as possible in, heaps of rides for the kids as well as us and shows to watch, we pretty much did it all!! A well spent day of sooooo much fun! We didn't leave until the park closed, so it was a long drive home in the dark and rain! We stopped about half way for some dinner and a stretch..

Here are some photo's of our wonderful weekend.

The sunniest part of our trip! Luckily we spent some good time on the beach this particular day!

Batman!!!! Blue eyes got to high 5 him!! Cowboy was a little scared to see his hero's in real life, and soooo much bigger than on TV!!

Ben taking the boys on the merry-go-round!

Myself and blue eyes on the tweety bird cage ride. He was busting to go on a ride. Not many about for his size though.

Cowboy on the kiddie dodgem car's

Can't remember what this ride is called, but cowboy is in the middle with one of his cousin's beside him.

Our beautiful Poncho's!

I hope you had as interesting weekend as we did. Now its time to get back some sleep and energy!!

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