Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Just to show you what kind of day I'm having..... As i sat down to re-rejuvenate and have a cuppa and a slice of the most amazing banana bread (picture below). My tea bag burst... as i poured my tea into another cup, i burnt my fingers by spilling my hot tea everywhere. Then accidentally put too much milk in making for a milky cold tea. Something I'm not too fond of. But i do not have the energy to re-do the whole process, so i am making do. At least my banana bread taste wonderful!

I got the recipe for this bread off best recipe's.com. And it simply is the best recipe. So easy and so yummy! (i will post the recipe at the end)

This week has not started so well. Last week was such a great week. And we had such a great weekend. Now we've gone into a slump.. Frustrating YES!!!

Ben is currently sleeping in bed with the flu.. Blue eyes is sleeping off his last 2 nights of tossing and turning. Although last night i worked out what was wrong when he told me mouth and grabbed it like he was in pain. Which means his 2nd molars are on there way.. Cowboy is just being cowboy and wanting to eat us out of house and home... (I have no idea how we will survive when they are both teenagers, my gosh they eat enough now..). They both seem to have extra energy, or maybe I'm just lacking alot of it.. And are into and on top of everything...

I am really looking forward to when everything evens out... And blue eye's sleeps all night every night.. It won't be until after his 2nd molars, so hopefully they come through fast not much pain and NO TEMPS!!

On top we have normal frustrating items, bills, winter items needed to be purchased etc (I'm sure you get my drift)..
And finally, at the end of last year i started studying a course by correspondence. Nail technology. I'm currently waiting on my kit so i can start practicing manicure and pedicures on my wonderful friends and family... But it hasn't arrived. I've called my teacher/tutor whatever you would like to call her and asked for it twice.. and it is not here yet.. Very frustrating. I've completed the theory for this module and just want to get into doing it, but i don't want to keep calling and hounding her. I understand people get busy, but I'm paying for the course and need utensils to finish it...

Any who, this morning i did go and see one of my close friends for a cuppa. She has just returned from completing a course on chocolate making. And brought home all her goodies!! mmmm best part of the day right there!! Cuppa, chocolate and a great friend, Perfect! And she sent me home with a goodie box!! All the chocolates are wonderful and oh so yummy! She's going to start her own specialized chocolate business, mmmm chocolate!!

Well i should try and find some motivation and get some things done while blue eyes is tucked up in bed... And hope for a better day tomorrow.. Fingers crossed :)

Very Simple Banana Bread


2 1/2 cups Self raising flour
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 cup milk
2 tablespoon margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
3 ripe bananas. mashed


Preheat oven to 180C
Combine all ingredients, mix with a wooden spoon until all is completely moist.
Put in tin. ( i used my bread tin, but you can also use muffin tin for muffins)
Cooking time on recipe says 30-40, but mixture is very moist and took close to an hour in my oven. But well worth the wait!


  1. Sounds similar to my day.

    Spent time cooking biscuits and slices trying out new recipes and three of them didn't turn out. I was so frustrated I threw a tantrum and packed it all away for the day. I just think that maybe today wasn't the right day. Out of five things only two worked. Grrr!

    I have borrowed your banana bread recipe as it sounds so simple....surely I couldn't bugger it up lol.

    Hope the rest of your day is pleasant,


  2. I'm glad i wasn't the only one having a bad day!!

    If the Banana bread turned out for me, i'm sure it will work for you!! Ours is just about all gone, my little boys love it!

    Hope your having a better day today! I am, a better nights sleep always helps!


  3. Had to laugh out loud about Cowboy eating you out of house and home and the mention of when they are teenagers. When my brother lived with us ( years ago) he was a teenager and that boy could put the food away. He went so far as to make ketchup sandwiches! Just ketchup on two slices of bread.

    Even though you were having a frustrating day, there were a lot of positives in it too. Time with a great friend, chocolate, and yummy banana bread.

    As for the kit you are waiting for. You paid for it so be a pest about it. I'm not saying to be beligerant about it.

    Thanks for the recipe.