Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We have a creek in our yard, if only it wasn't seasonal!!

After the recent rain on the weekend, we've also had a monsoon low pass over us, and bucket a constant amount of rain on us. Our yard was already soggy from previous rain so this lot has just been skimming across the top and pooling down in our back corner. Our yard is on a bit of a hill so it all flows down to one corner. Hence we have a creek!! The photo and video don't show just how much water is sitting in our yard.

The video didn't go for very long as i had a friend call me asking if she and her partner could stay the night as they are flooded out of their house. We have a town about a 40 minute drive south from our town, if this area gets a substantial amount of rain it flows into our local river. The Mary river. And it then floods communities and our town as it flows through. Sometimes it is only minor flooding small creeks etc. But sometimes we get HUGE floods, and the water takes over our main street, flooding all the shops and local parks. So you can imagine the hype happening in our town today after the consistent rain. Everyone is on flood watch checking the weather website waiting for it to rise. The last major flood we had was in 1999 and it peaked at 21.95 meters. The highest on record was in 1893 which peaked at 25.45 meters. So from our humble home in the wet, we wait to see how high it will get. We are thankfully away from the flood zone the most we get is our little creek!

This is our back corner, i told Ben it was a good spot for a pond, then realised it would need major adjustments so the goldfish wouldn't get washed away!

This is a photo of one side of the main town, on the left is where the river lies, to the right of the photo is where the main street is. When it peaks high it makes alot of damage!

Well its time to go and check how much higher it is, isn't the wonderous world of the web fabulous! I remember being young and having to drive with mum and dad down to the river to see how high it was, now we have special devices submitting the information to the web!! I can stay dry! I hope your dry!

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  1. Forgot to mention the above photo of the town with flood water is from a previous flood, not from what is happening now.