Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Photo and Video Montage of Our Week!

This is what our past week has been like.

Sun shining with white fluffy clouds one moment.

Dark and rainy the next!

So the boys took to playing in the house.

Cooking in the oven!

Mixing their pretend food up before cooking it.

And pulling out all the containers to lay down in the cupboard!!

The video's (hopefully both load for me) are of the boys playing inside. They always seem to have extra energy on rainy days! So in between the catch up on my cleaning we played lots of silly indoor games!

Lets hope the rain clears up properly soon, so we can recover from our (lil boys) snotty noses before winter hits and they're snotty all the time!

In my last post i mentioned Blue eyes temperatures. Well That night Blue eyes hit 39.2c. Which is now his magic number as it was 39C. So we dodged a bullet, Ben came home from work. I thought we were in for a bad night of temps. But he had a decent sleep (in between us, that's why). So i think, if i hadn't of checked him when i did, he would have had a convulsion for sure! Its been 5 months since his last, 2 and a half weeks away from being a year since his first... I'm a little worried. But we will get through these weeks. He can breath better through his snotty nose now, so that doesn't worry me as much...

I need warming up, it's time for another cuppa!


  1. Cass, your boys have a lot of energy! What fun they are to watch. Always amazes me that kids can find the simplest things in life to have fun with. My youngest is soon to be 20. The days of my girls being silly like your boys are long gone. Love, love, love the way you all talk. Glad Blue Eyes is doing good. Getting a kick out of you are getting ready for winter and we are headed into Spring.

  2. I too find it amusing that your starting to warm up, and we are cooling down. Although we don't cool down enough for snow here.. But its cold enough for us thats for sure!! Our boys are always silly, i think they got the energy gene from Ben's side, because i really don't remember being that energised! I didn't do much talking in these video's it was mostly cowboy.... Now he's found his story voice he doesn't stop. I will have to record one of his stories one day, they are hilarious!!