Friday, March 26, 2010

I promise i will try and not get emotional, BUT our baby does turn 2 tomorrow...

Blogger is being nice today and loading photo's fast, so I've put in a few extra than originally planned!

Our blue eyes turns 2 tomorrow. Although he hasn't been a baby for quite awhile, to me and most of our family he is still our little baby. His age does however finally catch up to the attitude he holds. Very independent to say the least! But also very very cheeky! So here are a few of my favourite photo's. Some i will put captions on, but most are there for you to enjoy!

Of course only a few minutes old, and a couple of days early i might add!

This is one of my all time favourites of the boys together. Ben captured this, and we haven't been able to get another one like it, i love it!

He became very good at his reversing skills!

Very excited at his first few steps!

Now the next 2 photo's are from a weekend that we will never forget. There is another photo on our laptop somewhere of him in the shower which shows just how much the convulsions knocked him, makes me very teary when i see it. These photo's are from Easter weekend last year, he is trying to put on a brave face. But i can still see how yukky he was feeling after having 2 hospital trips..

Beach Bum!!

Always has to help lick the beaters after I've mixed up a cake mixture!!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful little blue eyes, life is definitely a bag of all sorts with you in our life, but that's what makes us love you so much. Wouldn't change it for the world!! xoxo


  1. have a wonderful day angus happy birthday from grandma tracey

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Blue Eyes, hope you have a happy,fun filled day with your special family.

    Lovely photos, he definitely shows lots of character.

    Have a great day tomorrow,


  3. Happy Birthday Blue Eyes! Great pics.

  4. Thankyou! Looking forward to a quiet morning and a small afternoon tea with his grandparents, which of course involves cake!!

  5. Happy Birthday my darlin' And see you soon ! xxoo