Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad Habits..

Last winter, i had trouble sleeping of a night time. Actually getting off to sleep was the hardest.. I put it down to the boys mischief at night time. But over summer I've been falling asleep quite easily. So I've come down to these 2 reasons for my bad sleep habits.

I'm not a coffee drinker, although i do love mocha that's as far as i go and it sends me crazy. (alot gets done after having one of those!!) I drink tea, during summer i only have my morning tea that's it. It's enough to get me started for the day. In winter i seem to drink more tea, because it's so nice and warm and comforting on a cold day.. So that last week has been cooling off with lots of wind around. So I've been drinking more tea, sometimes 3 cups a day.

My other theory... After the boys are in bed, i love nothing more than to have some mummy TV time and watch some adult shows!! especially in winter, snuggled up on the lounge with a blanket.. But these shows drift on into the late night. I have been caught out many a time very late at night still watching them, then realising what time it is. Because its so late I've managed to surpass my tiredness and go into mummy stealth mode and not be able to go to sleep, as my body thinks things need to be done..

These are my bad habits and this winter i am going to try and curve them and start being GOOD, so I'm not tossing and turning in bed for 2 hours before finally going off to sleep...

Do you have bad habits??

****The PLAN****
Only 2 cups of tea a day (mainly in the morning). If i want a warm drink, i need to drink a hot chocolate!
I don't really need to watch TV, are the TV shows really going to be that upset that i missed there show at 10.30pm??? I think not!! So to bed at 9.30pm at the latest, if i'm still feeling awake, i have MANY books i can read myself to sleep with!

Here we go, now i'm thinking i might need to write this down on BIG pieces of paper and post them around the house!! We'll see how i go tonight!! LOL


  1. I have always had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. The mind just keeps racing as to what needs to be done and how efficient I can do it so I can get on with the next project.

    Bad habits, yup, have a bad one. I don't drink any alcohol of any kind ( can't stand the smell or taste). I don't use drugs. The only caffeine I drink is from the morning coffee. Here is the bad habit.....ready.....I smoke cigs! I know, filthy, nasty, smelly habit. I do not smoke in the house, in any of the vehicles, not around the animals or around anyone who doesn't smoke.
    Back to the sleeping thing. Try going to bed at the same time everynight and wake up at the same time every morning. Not saying it will work, but it's worth a try. I go to bed about nine thirty, put the timer on the tv for an hour, and eventually go to sleep. Only to wake up about three hours later thinking about what needs to be done.
    Being a mom really keeps the mind going!! :)

  2. If there is a way to be a "good" smoker, your it. lol. I don't like smoking much myself, but i am greatful to the smokers who take the effort not breathe the second hand smoke onto those who don't smoke. Not sure if it is just our state or the whole of Australia, but it is now illegal to smoke in cars with children. One of the best rules our government has come up with lol!

    As for sleeping, yes the mind doesn't stop. After having to make our bed before going to bed i didn't make it to bed until about 10pm.. Then children stirring and ben getting home from work meant i got back to bed after 10.30, but the good news is i didn't toss and turn for as long!! LOL I do agree that getting up and going to bed at same times do help, just depends on how much sleep the boys give me during the night as the when we sleep to! We will get there! :)