Monday, March 22, 2010

Food, Food - Glorious FOOD!

I forgot to take a photo of the latest eggplant picked yesterday by Ben and the boys, so instead i took photo's of what we made it into!

For dinner last night we had, Sausage, Eggplant and Tomato Casserole. It is a slow cooker recipe, so it was suppose to be cooked for a few hours. But being that i had to cook the sausages before putting it in the oven (or slow cooker) It didn't really matter that i only cooked it for 30 Min's in the oven. The Eggplant and Tomato mixture also had to be cooked on the stove top as well, so i let it simmer on there for longer before putting it all the oven. With all the added herbs the house was smelling so yummy. The boys stayed down in the bar with Ben to watch the end of the footy. So i turned the radio on and up!! And enjoyed some much needed kitchen time, to myself!

The end result, The boys don't like as many flavours and added extra chunky bits in there dinner, so they got a sausage each and some mash potato!

A close up of our dinner, That is home made bread as an added extra to dunk in the juices left on the plate!! mmmm IT was SO yummy!

After having such a great time cooking yesterday, and not wanting to get out of bed this morning... I decided to do some more cooking to brighten my day!

I did a bit more than i original intended too!

I made 2 loaves of basil and garlic bread, a baked custard, a small batch of shortbread. And finally i got a recipe for chocolate yogo from Ben's cousin, from Tara Brae Farm (She's on my list of blogs i watch!) It is really good, so easy to make and oh so yummy. The boys have already had a couple of serves today. So I'm not sure how long it will last!

I still have more to do today, but having a spell right now, so i dont keel over!! after my rest i have to organise some things i sold on ebay to sell and do some cleaning! So time for me to go. :)


  1. Glad you liked the yogo - I need to make up a double batch tonight, one chocolate and one vanilla with honey (yum I hope!). Shortbread would be good here too, might stop sam from eating the dog biscuits rofl...oxox

  2. HEHE, Blue Eyes is 2 this week and he still has the occasional munch... Has to make sure they still taste the same!! Vanilla and honey sounds YUMMO!!