Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Helpful little hands!

Out of nowhere last night a cyclone hit our house..... It mainly concentrated on the TOY room!!!!

This is the wonderful help the boys gave me last night, instead of packing up, they pulled everything out of the toy box!! They must have known something, I've been wanting to clean it out for a couple of months and put things back were they belong and not an all in jumble in the biggest toy box. But like alot of things i keep putting it off!

You can see the bottom!! This was a blanket box. Ben built this with his grandfather when he was a teenager. We did have blankets in it until the toy explosion happened last year! It fits alot of crap... eerrrr.... i mean TOYS in it!!

So my job today while my little blue eyed helping monster is asleep is to tidy it all up!!

But of course the boys love having nothing, well very little in the box so they can sit in it. They've been boating, driving and even building a house in it this morning. Maybe i should get rid of the toys and just keep the box, they seem to like playing with it more than all the toys now sitting on the floor!

Well off i go.... Can you tell i'm looking forward to it... :-)

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