Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's amazing what you find in your cupboards!

This morning i had a quick tidy up of our bedroom cupboard. And i stumbled across my soap collection. It's not a huge collection, well not anymore. When i was a young girl, my mum and grandmothers would by me nice soaps to put in my clothing draws. Before i new what a collection was and reasoning behind having them in my draws, i would play with them and use them to wash my dolls.. As i grew older i realised why i shouldn't have done that, but hey that's what life is about, learning!!

So this is what I'm left with. I haven't purchased any for ages, and when we moved i put them in a bag and they disappeared into the cupboard and i forgot about them. But now they are found i am putting them back in my draws. And will now be on the hunt for more soaps to add to my collection. I love the different shaped soaps. Like my dolphins, flowers, cats etc. But they do not have as much smell as the normal block of soap.

Yummy smelling soaps.

I gave these ones a battering, played with them alot, lol.

My MIL makes soap, but it feels so good that i haven't been able to put any aside for my draws!!
I love finding hidden goodies in the back of my cupboard, What have you got lurking in your cupboard??


  1. Have a question for you about the soaps. You keep your soaps in a cupboard? Do you do that because they make it smell good, or that is just a good place to keep them? Those are some cute soaps.

  2. My mum, and grandmother always kept them in their cupboards or draws to keep everything smelling nice. I don't think these particular soaps would be very good to clean yourself with, they have alot of fragrance in them. Most of them would be at least 20 years old if not older and still smell wonderful. :)