Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Very Busy Easter Sunday.

Our Easter Sunday started late Saturday night.

Excited much!!

First we had to leave out some goodies for the Easter bunny. But it had to be outside at the bottom of the stairs. Cowboy was a little worried that the bunny was going to actually come into our house while he was sleeping..

Midnight feast for the bunny!

So once the boys were finally in bed sound asleep, i set to putting some footprints up the stairs to show the bunny had been.. (Yes i know they get bigger, and i don't actually know what a bunny print looks like so i guessed. The boys don't know either yet so they thought nothing of it, this year anyway!)

And here is what the Easter bunny left at our house.

The boys woke early on Sunday, thinking it was a normal morning. Until Ben reminded them what we had left out..

One very happy boy! They both plowed into the chocolates, eating 1 small egg and 1 big egg at 6.30 AM!!!!!!

We then got ready and went for breakfast at my parents house with my brother, his partner and kids.

They had an Easter egg hunt and received some more chocolate and some socks and undies from Nanny and Grandad. As well as a very yummy cooked breakfast.

Then it was time to play, in the dirt first..

Then in the sand pile.. My mum said when they moved to this house 2 months ago, that she will NOT be putting in a sandpit for the grand kids. But the grand kids kept playing with the dirt around the cement area, putting it all over the cement. So she gave in and got a pile of sand for them to play in. And of course they love it!

We then went home for a rest, a big rest! Then decided to take the boys to our local duck ponds (park with big ponds, with ducks and turtles to feed, paths to ride bikes on and playgrounds). So they could burn off some chocolate!! We took some dinner with us to cook up on the public bbq's. It was a great way to end such a wonderful day. The boys had a blast playing and riding their bikes/scooter around the park!

Today is somewhat of a rest day to get over our big Easter Sunday, although i am about to bake some choc chip cookies to use up some of the chocolate sitting in the fridge... There is ALOT!!!

Hope you all had a great Easter as well! :)


  1. Great post! I love the Bunny foot prints,lol.And all the photos...It was a great Easter weekend xxoo

  2. Very clever with the bunny prints.
    That is very nice that the kids get their sand to play in.
    Sounds like you need a day of rest.
    You are more than welcome to send some of those cookies my way! :)

  3. I wasn't sure how the prints would go, but they looked real good! If there any cookies left i will send them over, but all the boys (including Ben) ate over half the batch after i had finished baking them.. I'm not sure they will last! lol
    The boys are off to Nanny's place again today to play while i do some shopping. The day is a bit cloudy so that makes for some mud! What fun Nanny will have today!

  4. Looks like those boys had a good time! An afternoon at the duckponds is probably a good idea, we couldn't get William to sleep after he been given heaps of chocolate by his grandparents....