Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Edible Garden is Growing.

This morning I took a look around our garden and noticed our edible items are growing!!

I'm awaiting some seeds to emerge to extend our edible garden...

Our lemons are finally ripening.

Our Eggplant has lots of Eggplants growing. We had to tie it up to the fence so it didn't tople over!

Our Sweet potatoes, potatoes and more eggplant plants are getting bigger.

I have 2 Basil plants in pots, last year they did great, this year not so well. But i am now finding baby Basil plants popping up everywhere. In the garden and around the garden edging. We love Basil so they will definetly get used up!

I ordered some more seeds off ebay last week. I'm just waiting now for them to turn up so i can plant some more seeds and expand our edible garden even more. Can't wait!!


  1. The vegie patch is looking good!
    It's a great time to get your bean seed in too.I will get some garlic for you to plant,can never have enough of that :0)

  2. I don't think Ben wants to do beans... I only just managed to talk him around to buying some other seeds... Would love some garlic. I extended the vege garden out the front abit so i can put some herbs in to grow nice and big ;) I just need to get rid of some grass and buy some herbs to plant! lol

  3. Nice start on your garden. I found your sight at AJ-Oaks when I was reading about your post on the coon. When I seen you were from Australia it caught my eye. My girls and I are trying to visit different sights from around the world. It's interesting to see the differences.

  4. Hi there, Cattle Call Farm. I too love reading the differences of other countries. It's very intersting to see how other people live and the types of weather they have to deal with!
    Thankyou for dropping by, feel free to pop in again :-)