Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love my Slow Cooker.

I have finally pulled my Slow Cooker out for its first dinner of the year! Ben is away this weekend doing a Mine Induction Course. He is wanting to get a job in the mines. So this is a helpful step towards that. We stayed at home while he went down, and stayed out our close friends house. ( A good test for me to see how i will go when he is working away for a couple of weeks. Luckily this course only goes for 2 days!)

Friday night went good, as we got to see him before he left. We had pizza's for dinner, which kept the boys busy. Saturday was a very whingy day for the boys, I'm trying to cut out or at least cut down Blue Eye's sleep, so he will sleep better at night for us. So they were both all over the place. Until Blue eyes crashed on the lounge for a 20 min nap!! Dinner time was a disaster, why i chose to experiment is beyond me, i didn't like it very much, but the boys thought it was yummy. And trying to cook it without Ben helping controlling the fighting in the background gave me mixed emotions!

My wonderful Slow Cooker

So tonight, we are having something cooked by my beloved slow cooker!! I really should use it more often. But need to organise our meal plan so i can have recipe's to follow and know what i need to buy when we go shopping. (i have about 20 slow cooker recipe's marked out in my slow cooker cook book, and i need to choose which ones to use...)

Something simple for dinner, Sausages, with a tin of diced tomatoes, an onion and some garlic. I will probably serve it with mash potatoes. Can't wait sounds yummy.

Ben's dad is dropping in today on his way through to work in Brisbane. The boys (especially Cowboy) are on edge waiting for him to turn up. They keep checking every half our or so, out the front door. Wishing upon his arrival only to see his car is not out the front yet.. Poor boys. They don't get to see Ben's dad very often, he lives a couple of hours north of us, and is working away from home. And with us being busy alot of the time as well, it is hard to co-ordinate catch-ups. (this is another reason for me staying at home this weekend, so the boys can catch up with there grandad).

Is it dinner time yet??? The only problem with slow cookers is the lovely smell it puts through the house.. mmmmmm Love it!!

Hope your having a great weekend :-)


  1. i can just imagine the excitement sa hello to grandad or me haven't seen him in sooo long!

  2. Slow cookers are great to have. Although I admit I don't use mine much anymore. When the girls were younger and living at home it was used a lot. About the only time it gets used is when I make chili or throw a roast in.

    What kind of mines are there?

  3. Thats what we mainly use our slow cooker for. But this winter i'm going to try change that!

    All over Australia there are coal, gold, lots of different mineral mines.. pretty much anything you can think of to mine. They also vary from underground mines to open cut. I prefer the open cut!! A little safer in my eyes, well as safe as a mine can be!

  4. It's starting to cool down at night and that definately means slow cooker weather :0)
    Love it!!