Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another week been and gone.

Once again, another week has gotten away on me. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day and days in a week!!

I had my girly time away on the weekend. It was fantastic. Something i was needing i think. 2 nights away playing board games, a few drinks (maybe 1 to many for me) and some movies ( both of which i didn't watch, fell asleep on both). The Hens afternoon party on Saturday was excellent. Lots of games and some yummy cocktails. They bridesmaids even organised a male topless and pant less ( he was wearing a g-string) waiter for the hen!! We then went on to a holiday unit for some relaxing and some fun.
Then Monday morning it was time to come home. I did think about my boys while i was gone, but didn't miss them as much as i thought. Probably because i knew the boys would not give me a second thought, being able to have a BOYS weekend with daddy! As it thought they had a blast with daddy!!!

This morning we all did some gardening work together

We planted some winter seedlings in our old laundry tub garden.

Ben extended our big vege garden to pant the rest of them as well as some garlic. (note the potato plants going mad in the rest of that particular garden, i hope we get heaps from them!!)

My wonderful husband not only kept the boys happy and amused while i was gone, but kept up the clothes washing for me as well as keeping the whole house clean and tidy(isn't he wonderful!). So today i did not have as much to do. So decided it was time to re-organise the pantry. It's been getting worse by the day and I've been putting it off, which just makes it worse as its the cupboard most frequented in the whole house.

So this is the BEFORE...

TA - DA, the AFTER

The boys of course helped me out, and i must say i feel alot better after having done it. I have a smile on my face now every time i open the pantry door!!

It's bed time for me now. I hope you all had a great weekend as well!


  1. Happy you had such a great time. Every now and then we need some 'me' time.
    And my goodness what a nice hubby you have!
    Ah, the organizing thing. Yes, yes, I must do that with the dreaded plastic container cupboard. Hmmm, maybe today. Or, maybe not! :)

  2. Yes, my plastic container cupboard does not stay tidy for long, the boys like to use the containers to pretend to cook!! Keeps them happy, and thats all that matters! hehe