Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trust your gut...

I went off to bed last night feel really good had a great day with Blue Eyes and babysat my neice for the day. It was great. Once i got into bed though i had one of those weird bad feelings that something bad was going to happen.. Usually when i get these feelings i send a text message to Ben and ask him to be careful just incase.. Don't know why i didn't last night.. But i should have. Woke up this morning feeling great, Blue Eyes only woke up once and no wetting of the bed was had.. Perfect way to start the day Plus Blue Eyes woke up HAPPY as he had a good sleep too! Not long after being up though a received a call from my sil who got a call from my fil... Ben had been in a car accident.. See trust your gut.. He is ok. Got rear ended on his way to work, had some tests done at the hospital and all turned up clear. Just very sore. If it was more serious i would most definetly had gone today to see him. Depending on how he wakes up tomorrow will see if he's up to working the rest of the week.. What a day! xo