Friday, May 4, 2012

Less Plastic

I'm slowly but surely on my way to reducing my plastic container/packaging usage.. Today i purchased the first of many, a new big glass jar to store flour.. I'm doing more cooking/baking than ever. With Cowboy at school and Blue Eyes going to Kindy a couple of days a week I need good lunchbox food for them.. Not to mention treats for afternoon tea.. They just don't stop EATING!!
I think that is how i'm going to aim to change this blog. An outlet for what i use it for now, but also I might try add in another tab so i can share my recipes, my folder of favourites is HUGE! and I'm always finding new recipes or re-designing them for the way i want to cook them.. Wish me luck re-designing this thing.... xo :-)

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  1. Hi Cass look forward to reading your recipes!