Monday, May 14, 2012

Missing my gardening..

We went to Gympie for the weekend, for mothers day and to do some gardening at our house. It was so lovely to see everyone and garden hehe!!

It was mainly weeding, but when I've got no edible garden to nurture up here I miss it!

I came home with a parsley plant, that was planted not long before we left, so far it's surviving ( I've got something to nurture now ;-)) and some (garbage bag full) of basil cuttings.. To show how much I'm missing plants, I just picked all the basil leaves off so I can dry and use them.. Ben thinks I'm crazy, but I'm sure he would have done the same if my dad wasn't around!! Lol oh and some of our ceramic pots.. They are just begging me to fill them with herbs too!!

Today is a rest day, after a big weekend and a 3am wake up to send off for Ben then back up at 6am for the day. Motivation is lacking. Lol. I get the enjoyable jobs done on Monday's!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! :-) xo

Ps. Photos are of Parsley, bowl of Basil leaves and the leftover stalks from the Basil!!

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