Thursday, July 19, 2012

Winter chills.

We've had some dreary wet weather lately, and the sickness has set in. Everyone bar me so far has had the dreaded head cold. Ben was bordering on the flu. But worked thru it.

Our blue eyes is currently laying on top of me on the lounge. He's all blocked up and has a cough. Poor boy, went to Kindy yesterday, but 6 hrs of constant playing took its toll and he's having a rest day. Not sure if he'll go tomorrow either.

I've been pacing myself, the lack of sleep slowly bulging my eyes out of my head .. Haha! Snuggles on the lounge is the best place to be right now.. Rest for all so the rest (me!) don't get sick too!!!

The sun is out today... Thankfully, so the warmth is wonderful!! :-) :-)

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