Friday, July 20, 2012


I've been having a little bit of trouble during the week, mainly with the school boy. In keeping his behaviour in check .. He hasn't necessarily been naughty, just doing and saying "silly" things that I'd rather him not do. As the younger one follows suit.

Ben is going to be working some weekends over the next few weeks, so instead of letting it get out of control and me end up with no hair. We've devised a special system. Cowboy came up with idea after I said the scooters will get taken away if anyone is naughty.

I built on his idea today and made a behavior board. 5 crosses in one day and something is taken away, toy, tv time, scooter etc. 5 ticks in one day For doing extra good helpful things for me will get extra time scootering of an afternoon, extra tv time or a special treat. Mummy and daddy get to decide what they get or don't get. And the boys have to move the ticks or crosses themselves so it gives it a little more meaning ... I hope it helps! Lol time will tell I guess!!

Blue eyes has a bad head cold at the moment and I'm trying my best not to get it... I'm not sure I've completely dodge the bullet yet, but so long as we are all sleeping good at night I should be ok! The sun is shining and should be over the weekend yay!!! And Ben has to work booooo!! The boys were looking forward to going fishing in the boat this weekend. They weren't very pleased with the thought of me taking them to fish off the beach.. Don't know why I've caught more fish than Ben lately ;-) hehe!!

Hope you all have a good weekend!! :-) xo


  1. Hope the board works for you, I remember the same thing when my boys were little. They do grow out of it:0)

  2. Thank you Debbie. I've been talking with some other mums, and they seem to be having the same troubles! We will all get thru it together lol!! They aren't too bad normally, sickness and tiredness on us all takes its toll lol. :-)