Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting closer!

We are on the home stretch, only 3 more sleeps and Ben will be home!

He worked the weekend just gone, 2 weeks is a very long time without him .. Hence, some misbehavior from the 2 little boys!

They are doing much better now we've got the board going. Just doing silly little smarty pants tactics towards each other now. Lol.

I'm on permanent baby sitting duties for our niece on Monday's and Tuesday's now. Blue eyes and I love it! They are so cute to watch together. They are the same age, but blue eyes tries to pull the I'm older than you card, but little miss pulls him up! They have many tiffs during the day over silly things, and I get caught out giggling over them hehe.

I caught them not long ago, hugging each other and making up! They are best friends again! They grabbed each others hands twirled around singing, we are best friends again! Hehehehe cutie pies!! They are both very tired, it's almost constant play. Cowboy will be tired too, he's learning a lot more during the school hours now. I'm sure there will be fighting this afternoon.. I'll have to keep them all occupied! Lol.

:-) xo

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