Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ups and downs.

The way this week is going ( such great behaviour from my boys ) I really do feel like our bad week was just a bad dream. The chart is working great, just what I wanted an needed.

Last week though, I did have trouble trying to get my blue eyes to Kindy. His wonderful teacher asked me to go in today and bake a cake with all the kiddies. They are teachers for reasons. Best idea ever. Blue eyes was so super excited about it. And is very much back into liking Kindy.

All the kiddies swarmed me while I was there.. They are at the age that if you give them attention they LOVE you and the girls pretty much sit on you. I had one gorgeous girl dusting off the spilt sugar off my pants..

There a few special needs kiddies there and the teachers are so patient in spreading their time evenly amongst them all. The routine they have is fantastic that the ones that do need some extra reminding already know what's coming next, so understand. A true testament to how much all kids need routine.

Cowboy turns 6 next week .. Sheesh!! I'm organizing his bday party. With school friends. Pirates are the theme. Photos will be shared. Just trying to figure out what to get him.. Lol

Where has the time gone!

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