Sunday, November 15, 2009

Golly What a Day!

The hot summer day's are definitely here.
This morning we were talking about our plans for the day.
Our cowboy piped up and said..
"I know lets go to the beach today!"
Unfortunately we had some work planned for the day so no beach :(

Ben purchased some more sheeting to finish some walls off in the bar.

2 new walls YAY.

The corner in the bar is done.

Time to help daddy clean up!

Now it's time for some play time,
Blue eyes in is fave position his frog squat!!

Water time.

Love this photo, its blurry but i love how the water has shown up in it.
And you can see the dog in the background.
He is always near when water is about.

HAHA mum i pulled it out of the tube!

Ahah brother I'm gonna get you!

After a nap in the cool air con,
it was time again to go and play some more.
(frog squat again)

It is finally so nice to see some glimmer of hope
that the boys can
actually play good together.
They had a blast together this weekend.

Even riding the bike was on the agenda.
With some help of course,
little brother can't reach the pedals yet.
Now to our dinner tonight..... EXPERIMENT TIME!!!!
hahahah and did it work out?????
Good question!

I found these skewers in the cupboard earlier in the week,
and it had me thinking all week.
I finally gave in and decided to stack them full and cook em' up.

Don't they look good???
We didn't have alot to put on.
I marinated the beef in a smokey bbq sauce,
added some onion and tomato to the skewers YUM.
Last this afternoon the batteries ran out on the camera,
(just when we had a king parrot come and start eating our bird seed too)
So the final result photo was taken on my phone.
Not as good a photo as it could have been!

But very very yummy.
They worked out just like i had imagined... haha
Hope you all had a great weekend like we did.
It's now time for a nice deep sleep (fingers crossed)
to start the week afresh!


  1. Gee what a busy weekend!

    Nice to see the boys (and dog) having so much fun.

    Have a great day.

  2. Thankyou.

    They love playing with water, but like everywhere else i need to put restrictions on how long i let it run for. Although it's on low, its still using water!