Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time Off.

We very rarely go away to stay somewhere as a family, just us or with extended family.
But the last weekend in November, we are going up the road (about 2hours north)
to stay with Ben's dad and step-mum and extended family and friends.
Ben had organised some time off around this weekend.
Turns out his work have also given him this Friday off as well..
So Ben decided to take it anyway, that gives him a 3 day weekend...
He said to me he would like to do something, but it was up to me to decide what and organise it!!
Great, I'm not good at making decisions, and Ben wasn't helping me either *grumble*grumble*
So finally late last night i had an idea. There are lots of holiday parks quite close to us, about an hour's drive. And they are not to badly priced and have loads of things. Pools, play area's, games room and much more, great fun for a family. And if can get us to one near the beach even more fun!!
The one i really really wanted to go to, had a big jumping pillow thing in the ground and a huge beach like pool, but none of the cabins i wanted were left.. bummer.
So I've found one closer to us at Tewantin. Right near Noosa, so we can also go to the Noosa Farmers market on the way home on Sunday!!
Oh my i actually decided on something yeeehaaa!!
This park doesn't have the jumping pillow, but has 2 pools, one for the littlies and one for the big kids!! And it's not that far from the river or beach, so we can also go fishing.
I have all basis covered for the whole family!
Then the following weekend its up north with the rest of the family, to go to the the beach yet again, and probably do more fishing. I think this time of year is perfect to get out to the beaches. Way before the Christmas crowds get in and its way to stinkin hot to sit at the beach at Christmas.
From what i can tell, i think we are going to have a busy silly season, so it is also probably good for us to get away early in the season just as our small family and enjoy some quietness before every weekend becomes party weekends! I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it..

This is something like what we will be staying in on the weekend.


Hope your week is going well, it's very hot here today so we have our air con blasting... Try and Stay cool, we will be ;);)


  1. Howdy! Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. And of course I had to visit yours. Australia!! How very cool. It's hot there? I read through some of your other blogs. A lizard in the light shade? That was great! Looking forward to reading more and learning about Australia.

  2. Hi, thankyou for dropping by. We are in the middle of spring here, and it has heated up quite alot. Feels like summer already. The last few days have been 35c or more which if i've worked it out properly is 95f... Hope i got the conversion right! My lizard, well he is a gecko (tropical lizard) He is pale in colour, eats all my insects. We have heard all of his family around lately, so i am going to try find them and get some more photo's! Look forward to reading more about you and the USA on your blog aswell :)