Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Fun Weekend.

Our weekend away, was jam packed full of lots of fun!
Swimming, playing, eating, shopping and sleeping!!
The weather was beautiful, we swam in the pool and went to the beach.
The only miss-hap we had was Ben dropping our camera off a high shelf..
(sorry honey, had to explain the new purchase somehow!)
The lens got a big crack down it, so first thing Saturday morning,
after a holiday cooked breaky, we went shopping!
Got a new camera, as Ben described it, it is "sexy" haha
I will post more photo's and give more details into our weekend,
but at the moment our Internet has slowed down because we have
used it a little too much this month... Oops!
And it is painfully slow to load anything...
So i hope you had a great weekend, i surprisingly don't feel overly tired.
After our big weekend of so much play i thought i would be exhausted all over.
Its a good think I'm not tho, we have another weekend planned at the beach this weekend coming.
Oh how i love summer time!!

This is the big pool, Notice baby blue eye's floating by himself and big boy cowboy clinging on for dear life. That's a mistake i have made in not getting our cowboy into water/swimming at an earlier age..
Whether it be swimming lessons or just going to the local pool as often as possible to keep him more confident, i did not do it... But I've learnt from it and this summer will get to the pool more often. Bring on more swimming!! Love it!!

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  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Found it funny that you are talking summer time and it is winter here in the States.