Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No seriously, was this MY idea???????

Did i really say i would make an advent calendar for the boys.....
Oh dear...
Well i only have about a week and a half before it needs to be done.
All i really have left is to put it together and put it up.
Seeing as i don't have anywhere to put it once the little bags are made,
it will be a dash at the end of November to get it done.
As i am not allowed to put anything up before December..
Ben's tradition, i find it real hard to stick by and usually get the Christmas box out a few days (week/s) before Christmas and start visualising in my head what and where everything will go!

So this is what I've done so far, miss shapen star's, check
lopsided tree's, check
stockings, check
1 ghostly looking angel, check
(notice just one of these, not a good choice of cutting shape when I'm not so great at cutting)
I will get there in the end, although i think I've changed my mind on what i will fill them with.
Chocolate will melt, so i might get some lollies instead.
**Look what i found at the shops yesterday**
We did our fortnightly groceries yesterday at our local Aldi's.
A few weeks ago they had picnic sets (cutlery plates etc) in their catalogue for $29.99.
I have vowed to never go in on the sale start date again. Way to crazy, the story could probably have its own post..
So instead when we do our shopping i keep an eye out for anything left from the scavengers.
I hadn't seen any of these until yesterday!! I was so pleased.
We had been wanting one for ages, but never purchased one.
In our local camping shop they cost $60 upwards.
It has an insulated section in the back, drink cooler on the side,
extra pocket on the front. And a big compartment with all the utensils!

We have the cutest salt and pepper shakers i have ever seen. Bottle opener.
4 plates, 4 serviettes, and a chopping board.

Cutlery and wine cups!!
I am very happy, now my kitchen items will not get lost amongst our camping items! :)

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