Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Just an Update on out laptop/life/events!
We are waiting on a slip in the post to send our laptop away, so the journey has started it's just taking a little while to get it there!

Today I am typing this from our playstation 3! Marvelous piece of equipment it is!

On the weekend just gone we had Ben's work christmas party, usually i leave early and take the boys home. This time i decided to kick my heels up aswell. I got my mother dearest to come pick the boys up after the kiddies entertainment.
Bens employer's put on a big "do". They hire out one of the biggest entertainment centre's in town, put on food, live band, and kiddie entertainment. Not to mention the free beer and wine, and cheaper can's of spirits.
This year the kiddies had facepainting and a magic act. Blue eyes got his face done like a puppy (very cute until the lady showed him in the mirror and he wiped most of it away!) Cowboy was a bit scared of the funny ladies dressed up so he got red back spider on his arm! They also have someone dress as santa and give each child a prezzie!! Lots of fun for the whole family, just what christmas is all about.
The boys left at about 7.30pm after their dinner. So it was time for adult fun! Boy did we have some fun!! I had a few drinks..... Of free wine!! lol. We then went out with ben's co-workers to the local club. I haven't been in their for years, but it hasn't changed, just the youngen's look really really young, or i'm now looking really really old!! lol
None the less we had a great time, Ben's co-worker pulled me up on the dance floor to dance with her, my legs were really sore the next day. I'm really not use the partying!!
We had a couple hours sleep before our body clocks woke us up.. and we then picked up the boys, who had a blast staying at nanny's for the night with their cousins!

Not much else happening around here, getting ready for christmas and such. We've had heaps of tomatoes off our plants and our corn is just about done. Pumpkin vine keeps getting bigger but the pumpkins don't seem to be.. The grass is a little green from some rain last week, but we would all love some more, it's hot like our normal summer's are. But luckily we have air con, so if it gets tooo hot on it comes. I would prefer a pool sometimes but we've had so many "heated" (lol) converstaions about it that i think its time to leave it alone and just enjoy the air con... Or the sprinkler!

Hope your all surviving the heat (or the cool). :) xo

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  1. Yay, thank goodness for a Playstation 3. Been checking on updates and was very happy to see this one. Sounds like you had a very nice time at the party. Sometimes we all need a break from the kiddies.