Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy week

This has been one of the busiest weeks, i have had in the lead up to christmas. First of all, on sunday we went to the beach with some lovely friends of ours, it was a fantastic day. When we then stopped in at another close friends house on our way home for some dinner and all our kids to have a big play. Now to monday, i got a phone call early from Ben at work, telling me he had some bone from a cow shatter in his face with some flicking him in the eye. So once i droppe blue eyes at daycare (cowboy protested daycare so he came with) we took Ben to the Doctors. He was ordered to rest and sleep the rest of the day away.

So on to Tuesday, we dropped the boys at their Granny's to make the doctor visit for Ben easier. The doc had a good look and couldn't find any scratches or holes, so he only had swelling and bruising! YAY! He took the rest of tuesday off aswell, as he eye sight was not completely back to normal.

Now comes Wednesday, blue eyes woke with a temperature.. great. Wednesday is also daycare day, mum was a little hesitant to take him, but we organised for me to call once i had done my shopping to see how he was going. Mum said he was fine, so i went home and and wrapped up all and i mean ALL the presents!! Well the boys are also getting a trampoline so that is not wrapped lol! Wednesday night we went looking at christmas light the boys had a blast! And so did i, i just love christmas lights and decorations.

Now to the last couple of days and nights... Blue eyes' temp has been up and down and he has been cranky and irritable. So i've been on nurse duty checking his temp half hourly and dosing him up on medication so we can avoid a febrile convulsion. That would be one christmas present i would not like to get thankyou santa. Yesterday arvo and last night went pretty good, until the early hours of the morning. he woke very hot, he was 38c. Which normally is not to bad a temp, but for blue eyes, the higher range of normal gets him felling very yucky. Then later this morn he hit his magic number 39c. Now we don't know what temp he will convuls at so this is the number i remember when we were in hospital with him. So i try my hardest not to let him over it. luckily i got him down! He is now not so hot, but still very cranky. The only thing it seems to be from is his teeth again! All other teeth are through so i'm thinking its his molars starting to play around... Just as long has they stop moving by next week...

Anyway we have both family christmas do's this sunday, so the boys will have some distractions and some fun! I hope all your christmas preperations are going well! :-)


  1. I check everyday to see if there is a new post from you. Yay there is one today. What does Ben do? I don't understand about the bone from a cow shattering in his face. Also, Blue Eyes has a medical condition (febrile convulsions)? I don't know what that is. I'll have to look it up on the internet. My goodness you have had a busy week. When are you going to get your computer back?

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention Ben works at our local abitoir, boning beef. That will help explain it. And our blue eyes sometimes has a faulty thermostat, i've done a post in it previously, if you search febrile convulsions on my blog page it will bring it up. But also the web has alot of info on it also. I have not sent our laptop away yet, have to find a printer to print out the paperwork to send it :(. I did ask the company to post it in the normal mail for me, but they emailed instead, very helpful to us! Glad to see you checking up on us, no doubt we will have some good christmas stories to tell! Hope you are keeping warm!