Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trying a photo upload. (from my phone)

I hope this photo works, i'm uploading it from my phone. Fingers crossed! It is a very smiley photo of blue eyes. He doesn't smile in photos much anymore, so this is a beautiful photo. If it doesn't work, i'll repost it when the laptop is fixed!


  1. Yay, the pic posted. My goodness he has some blue eyes! And quite the smile!

  2. Don't let the smile fool you, it can cover up some cheeky stuff!! He is a little bit of a devil. He has the eyes and the smile to prove it!! He gets his eye's from his granny, who from what i have heard was a little bit of a cheeky monster when she was little aswell!! I don't think i could live with him any other way though :)