Monday, January 10, 2011

Poor Mary..

This is a video of our morning show Sunrise. Our flood update is in the middle of all the other headlines, but when you get to it the footage of all the water is of our town Gympie. The street sign they show is Mary St our MAIN street. The water has already started to get into the main street. and the Mary River has risen just a little over 16m. It has now been updated that the peak will be at 20m.
I feel sick to the stomach about the business's and homes awaiting the water rise and fall to see the damage to it all.. Everyone has moved everything out or are on mercy dash to do it now.. Wishing everyone good luck over the next few days in our area. Stay away from the waters. We cannot get in or out of our town.
My parents are stuck at there house, i will call them later this morn and see how their creek is fairing. My brother is also on the other side of town which was cut off last night..
I hope the video works for you to see.. If not i'll find some photo's some friends have posted on facebook.

Bye for now :-)

P.s. While the video has been loading i called my parents. Their dam is completely covered and water is creeping up the paddock behind their house... You could say they are a little concerned now, but the neighbours have given them a holla and will help move their stuff today.. Thankgod for helpful people! Wish we weren't stuck on opposite sides of town so i could help :( Well me anyway, ben is on his 8th workday today, caught the historical Mary Valley Rattler from gympie station to monkland station over the flood waters to his work to get things up high and dry.. SO much worry, and i can't do a thing but keep my lil boys away from the craze and stay safe at home (or granny's house).


  1. Ok Video didn't work.. If you go to Granny's Garden on my blog list she has put up some photo's of the recent water rise.

  2. Hello I'm a new visitor here came via Granny's place - do hope it all works out for you and your family.
    Take care