Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is a photo of my parents back yard looking up towards their house. The house is on the other side of the fence. We peaked at a little over 19.50meters. Thankfully my brother and sister in law were able to travel the back roads to our parents house and help them pack the house up. The water did not reach the house, but if it had gone up another meter it would have.. They will stay at my brothers house for a few days and probably only take the bare necessities back to the house as we are told our long range forecast is for more rain in coming weeks/months :(:(:(
Although they probably don't read my blog 5 of my parents neighbours came to help them move out.. To them i am very very thankful. It is SO nice that their are still people out there willing to help.

Now the rain has moved below us and just to the west of us. We are all thinking of the people in the Toowoomba area and Brisbane area. I hope the rain stops soon so the flooding down there will not be so bad..

Mother Nature can be so cruel, Flooding rains this side, Fire's on the other side of the country (Although i think that may have been reported as deliberately lit) But dry weather over there does not help.

Thinking of everyone Please stay safe xo


  1. We are in Nth Brissy and its not looking good here sigh!

  2. Thank you to you and Granny for the updates.

    Good to hear that you are both 'safe"

  3. Stay safe Kimmie, Thank you Dee. Glad we are safe and sound. But there are other's worse than us at the moment..

  4. This morning in the news they showed pictures of livestock struggling to get out of the floods. I have been meaning to check in with you to see how things are going. It's been awhile.
    Glad to hear you, Ben and the boys are safe. Your parents too. Praying that the rain stops and the floods recede.

  5. It is so sad to see what is happening in our state, as most of it are farms weather crops or animals.. Will take us a long while to recover as to north there is water, in our town still water, to the south water.. I'm hopeful that today we may be able to get out to my parents. Thank you for thinking of us and our state. Rains have stopped, but forecasters are saying el nina hasn't stoppped her horrible summer rains for us just yet. Only time will tell. All our thoughts are with those south of us now.

  6. Hi Cass & family

    Believe me when I say we are all thinking of you Queenslanders all the time. It is heartening to see such resolve in people who have lost everything, the true tough Aussie spirit. But, my God, it is so sad watching the images on the TV.

    The shoeboxes are just a small way of sending our love.

    I do hope that the food/water supply will be sorted soon, it's a dire situation when you cannot even get staple foods.

    I'm glad your family is okay,

    Love - Joolz