Monday, January 17, 2011


The sun is shining bright today, has been for the last couple. It is wonderful. Nice and hot to dry up all the water across our state.. The rain we had has moved slowly down through NSW and is now into Victoria.. They are now flooding in parts.. When will it stop!!!

Onto something cute, lighten the mood a little.. Our boys have finally mastered the peddles on their bikes!! I took a video this morning of them. Of course our dog Bruce had to be in on the act!

They ride their bikes in our carport, it's really the only flat spot to ride. But now they have mastered it, we can take them to our local park and ride the paths and not get in any one's way!

Just a small post today, the boys are a little emotional/dramatic about everything, not sure why but I'll work it out! Catch you all soon :-)

P.s. A big high five and well done to all the volunteers helping everyone clean up across our state! Aussie Spirit is Alive and well!!

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