Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Queensland Summer...

Hot, Humid, Flooding Rains, Now Tropical Cyclones.... If Queensland let alone most of Australia hasn't had enough this summer, Mother Nature is throwing us another curve ball... We have had 1 cyclone hit already the other day, Anthony was only a category 2. Cyclone Yasi however is now being predicted to be a category 5!!!!!!!!!
This is normally our weather pattern, but floods aren't usually so big and it usually skips a year or 2 between floods and cyclones. Below is a picture i found of Cyclone Anthony hitting the North Queensland Coast, While Cyclone Yasi is form out at sea.. She is much much closer now and will be hitting some time early tomorrow morning..

Wishing everyone in NQ good luck. But i hope everyone in the path of this monster have evacuated or are today!! Stay safe!!

1 comment:

  1. Watching the press conference right now, very scary...

    I can only imagine what people are feeling and fearing...

    I guess you are going to get some of the results of this cyclone, so good luck to you too. We have already been warned here in South Australia, that we could also experience very strong winds and rain, but nothing like what the north of Qld is about to cop!

    Take care and stay safe,